Need to transfer ownership of workspace


A few months ago I started a workspace here and have loved it. Since then the project that was at the time a personal project, has now become a company project. I would like to transfer ownership of the workspace from my private account to the company account.

Is this at all possible? I really don’t want to have to go through and set up the workspace again :frowning:


This is possible if your company/organization has a team account. If that is the case, you can go to your workspace settings (<username>/<workspace-name>/settings) and transfer ownership to the team there. As you’ll see, you cannot undo this action so once the workspace belongs to the team, you can’t get it back :slight_smile:


The company account is also just a free account, can that become an organization account while still being free?

I need my workspace for my own personal projects but the company still needs the existing workspace.


Team subscriptions are all paid and are separate from an individual account so you can’t transfer it to your company’s existing account (since it’s not a true “team” account).

If your company does get a team account and add you to it, you could clone the workspace and then transfer ownership of the clone to the company account.


So between two free accounts, there is no way to transfer ownership?


No, there are too many security issues associated to allow this to happen. You’ll have to treat this as though you’re trying to transfer your work to another machine, transferring the code, the database, and anything else you need transferred by Downloading and Uploading Files from your old to your new workspace.


To add to @bradydowling 's statement, there is a possibility your database cant be transfered, lets say its too big. Well then your project just got messud up. One Workspace you have the database, and the other you have your actual code…


I wanted to update this thread with information about transferring workspaces between an individual account and a team.

First, there is no built-in way to transfer ownership from a team to an individual account. This falls into the same category as above where you’ll have to download and upload files to make this happen.

Second, transfer from an individual account to a team you belong to is a very quick process. To start, head to your dashboard and click on the workspace card (be careful not to press the ‘Open’ or ‘Clone’ buttons on the card) of the workspace you want to transfer.

Click on the gear icon for the workspace. Please note that there is another gear icon on the top header of the page. That’s for your account settings, don’t click that.

Within the ‘Danger zone’ section, you’ll find a button for ‘Transfer to team’. Click that to transfer your workspace to the team.