Need help with templates


Hello everyone,

Im such a noob when it comes to coding… so please forgive
But I know for sure that im following every protocol from coder manual website along with video help…

I create a new workspace
I give my workspace a name
I then leave it for public viewing
I then choose a template (Ruby Rails)
Then I click create workspace and nothing happens

But on the video from coder manual it works fine
am I doing something wrong??


Could you specify what you’re expecting to happen (from the video) since we don’t have access to the video? Maybe a screenshot or something else would help. Then if you could include a screenshot of what’s actually happening then that’d be awesome as well :blush:


Also note that for anyone following a third-party’s guide or tutorial, it’s usually better to ask the author or maker of that guide as they know exactly what should happen and therefore can typically help you better/faster.