Need help with new Cloud9

Hey, I really hate the fact that Amazon screwed us! I’m not a website coder and was the best platform for me. I just had to start a wordpress project, upload my files that I have on my MAC and wait until it was uploaded. After that I could ‘run’ the ‘index.php’ and get a link to my wordpress website.
I just started a AWS account and tbh I do not recommend this. Can someone help me with an alternative where I can upload my files and run my project like Cloud9 did?

Im not using it and to me its a good way to possibly get your code stolen but a lot of people and tutorial sites are pushing GoormIDE which from a few videos Ive seen looks like C9.

And I agree on the screwing - it just wasnt Amazon. C9 people had the opportunity to cash out and they did.

Amazon pourrait for bien nous recréer un environnement de travail aussi confortable que celui de Il ne le fait pas car alors il masquerait totalement l’infrastrucutre sous-jacente et le coeur du business d’AWS est précisément de vendre de l’infrastructure en ligne. Contrairement à ses discours, AWS n’est vraiment pas guidé par les besoins de ses clients.

Amazon could well recreate a work environment as comfortable as It does not do this because it would completely hide the underlying infrastructure and the heart of AWS business is selling infrastructure online. Unlike his speeches, AWS is really not guided by the needs of its customers.

Thanks for the recommendation. I will visit GoormIDE for sure!

Alec, just pay attention to who owns that service.
If you are okay with it, then good.

I also build WordPress websites and the closest platform I could find for a similar development/IDE experience was

I’ve been using Codeanywhere heavily for a few months now and I’m 95% happy with it. It’s not quite as slick as and there are a couple of quirks (sometimes I need to refresh the file structure, or the whole page) but overall it’s a pretty very experience and the closest I could find to the old Cloud9.

As others have mentioned, it’s good to consider who owns the service in terms of them accessing your code. That being said, it’s a risk to host or run your code on anyone else’s service - I decided the convenience outweighed the risk of developing proprietary/commercial code on a IDE long ago, but that’s just me.

do you not want to set up cloud9 in AWS? or set it up on a vps or self hosted server through ssh environment?

Ya, it is not fair enough.