Need help to run application permanently


I have project which is build using node.js I wanted to check is that possible that I can keep it running instead of it’s timing out and getting stopped.


Do you have an elevated member status(as in not a free account)?
Why is Cloud9 the choice platform for this? In other words, why did you choose Cloud9, and what are the requirements for your project?
Cloud9 is not a hosting service.



I have free account.

Not specially cloud 9 I just used it that’s all. Do you any recommendation which is public which I can use.



You can’t run anything ‘permently’ especially with a free acount.

I’m guessing you are trying to run some sort of service on the web, say a webapp or website. You till need to purchase a domain and hosting for this. You can still use cloud9 as a development environment and testing, but you will ultimately need to export your code to an actual hosting service to be run ‘permanently’

I also suggest using some sort of source control, There are free public accounts with github or bit bucket or what ever flavor you want. You can also just source control in locally too.

I can’t give anymore advice or ideas with out anymore specific information, some of which I have asked for. AKA I have no idea what you are trying to accomplish.


What @lordmcfuzz said is correct. Cloud9 is designed for development and testing, not hosting. If you wish to run your app permanently you must export it to a service that is designed for that.

Personally I recommend OVH, I use it to host my own website and back-end for it. The starting prices are really low and the quality is great.

Also it is against the terms of service to use c9 for hosting, so you risk getting your account disabled.