Need a $1.99/mo Plan


I use the heck out of your free service. It’s the best. It’s solid and impressive. I’m in between jobs and can’t allow myself to fork over $20/mo though. The delta between the luxury and breadth of your service(s) vs a text editor won’t reach that price. I can’t be alone. I really want to pay you guys but all I need is the free account. I would pay a couple of bucks a months for more private workspaces though! Offer me a $1.99 tier and take my money! Whatever spreadsheet calculations you’ve made are wrong. You’re missing a boatloat of us cheapskate organic developers.

Thanks for the service. Great job guys.



It boggles the mind, almost.


There have been many posts about this and I have faith that they are doing what works with the business model they have constructed. Perhaps even a ‘donation’ option.