Navigation Panel isn't showing files more than two levels deep off of the Workspace


Using Cmd+E (much like the Cmd+P functionality from Sublime), the IDE doesn’t appear to find files deeply nested. Is there any way to rectify this?


How many files do you have in workspace?
It may be hitting search limit of 100000 files (configurable in settings)
try to tweak ignore rules to load only files that are needed.


Thanks. I currently have around 40,000 files in my workspace with pretty standard extensions (json, jade, etc…). On the same repo on my local Sublime I can drop in partials like ‘banner.jade’ and get 10-20 results. On my C9-IDE it routinely comes back with no results. Does the Navigate panel have a different set of limitations than the Find In File search?


It should work, but there may be issue with fuzzy searching algorithm. could you check if there is any file exisitng in workspace, that can’t be found when typing it’s name in navigate?