Navigate tab (Cmd+E) not working in my workspace



When I hit Cmd+E or go to the Navigate tab directly in my workspace to find a file by name, it is not finding files in my workspace.

I have attached a screenshot demonstrating that it cannot find a file I currently have open in my workspace.

It’s likely a problem with my index, right? How do I re-build the index of files in my workspace for this find-file-by-name to work?


I accessed my workspace from a different browser and this issue went away. I am now able to find files by name.

The editor appeared to be functioning but it was not saving my file edits (even though I would see the green dot appear and it would say “All Changes Saved”). I seemed to be disconnected from my workspace - find-file-by-name was not working and when checked the contents of files with vim on the terminal I did not see the edits I made in the editor. When I opened the workspace in a different browser I also found my edits were lost.

So, the way to resolve this, if anyone else experiences it, is to try opening the workspace in a different browser and see if edits made in the editor are actually reflected in the file by checking the contents of the file with vim.