mySQL - bash workspace FAIL

When I try to start the bash workspace. Cannot actually enter a password (or anything)

Any assistance here would be great!

While most things shouldn’t require a password in Cloud9, if this is the intended behavior, then proceed. Most command line tools, when requesting a password, will not type anything out at all when you enter your password (not even asterisks), so if you just enter your password and hit enter, it will continue. Alternatively, you can just Ctrl+C if you didn’t want to enter a password.

Thanks for the reply Danny! I’m a bit confused, as this has never happened in the past. I’m new to this interface (obviously lol) and not sure why it’s failing. I tried entering a password, but when it tries to start MySQL… I get the fail! followed by “enter password” which just repeats the process. image

did you refer to this? Setting Up MySQL

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Thanks for passing along. Can’t seem to figure out why it’s failing though.

ERROR 2003 (HY000): Can’t connect to MYSQL server on ‘’ (111)

Any idea that that error means?