My workspace was stopped in the middle of me working on it!


I was in the middle of working on my test project and it said reconnecting. i refreshed the page and it said my workspace was stopped because it was free. i deleted some unused workspaces and made this one private and it is still disabled. Why?


a lot of people are having this issue


Now its working for me :smiley:


thanks, mine is still saying this:

You could be coding right now

In order to provide a free
service for everyone, we stop workspaces after a while.

Premium plans offer active workspaces, which ensure that the three
most recently used workspaces are never stopped.


Yeah having a similar issue with mine.


These issues were a result of some system-wide issues we had yesterday. We’ve seen a bit more of this today but it is stable for now and we’re working on preventing this and further stabilizing things.

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