My workspace is stuck


My workspace is stuck in loading mode. I tried to restart it but i’m getting an error:

Could not restart workspace
An error occurred restarting this workspace: Workspace restart failed


I am having the same issue. List of files are not loading and unable to restart the workspace.

I provided workspace details on chat support.


I have the same issue. I think this may have occurred trying so save with a bad internet connection?

Edit: After leaving it spinning for 5 minutes to post this it has come back to life for me.


still not working for me


Still not working for me either… When I look at the console in chrome developer tools - I’m seeing a lot of 503 (Service Unavailable) errors -… <- that link is one of the many different ones causing 503 errors … Does yours look the similar?


Yes, same thing for me.


It doesn’t work for me neither since this morning.


Does anybody know what is the email for cloud9 support? Is it email


This is happening again. Can anyone help?!


Drop us a line at with the name of your workspace and we’ll give it a kick for you!