My server turn off after some hour from run it


hi , i have account in c9
and i use node js server and apache
and i my app (server.js + index.html) and all thie going fine

and close my browser and go to my friend
and when i back
i my app (
i get “No application seems to be running here!”

then i login to c9 ide
i see in log screen ([Idle]) msg
i must restart a node js server file and index.html apache to return my website working


For free accounts the processes stop after two hours of inactivity, and the entire workspace gets hibernated after a week. If you want your app to run longer you must get a premium account and create a Hot Workspace.

Also remember that this service is not for hosting your app, its for testing and development purposes. If you want the app running you have to find a hosting service.