My Cloud9 Workspace refuses to load



I’m not exactly sure what’s happening, but when I tried loading up my workspace, it just wouldn’t load. Only spinning icons were showing. I even left it idling for 16 minutes, and it STILL didn’t load. I’m unsure if anybody else is experiencing this, but the point is I need it fixed…

EDIT: after 27 minutes, it finally loaded.


Same problem for me all day. None of my workspaces are loading. Page cannot be found. Major issue since this is my main goto for server access.


i got the screen where it is just loading. i got it working by going to AWS, logged in, search for EC2. click on that. on the left goto Instances(there may be a dropdown for instances). Click on that. You’ll see your instances. Put a check next to the instance that’s not working. At the top you’ll see Actions. Goto the dropdown on that and go to instance state, then reboot. Should fix it.