My Cloud9 account is gone



I have a Cloud 9 account, which I made by logging in with my github account irisjay. I have used it very happily for a long time, and today, when I was trying to login, it failed. Apparently my page doesn’t even exist now. How can my account be reinstated? Thanks.

How do I logout everywhere?

I kinda have lots of really important projects there, so I would appreciate it if the Cloud9 admins get back to me as soon as possible. Thanks.


I checked our logs and it looks like your account was deleted. I’ve seen this happen several times from users that are feverishly deleting workspaces and then mistakenly delete the account altogether. Unfortunately, we cannot restore accounts that have been deleted. Such a process is quite insecure and time consuming so we have a policy against it.


@bradydowling that’s a pity. Did you have any of your projects synced to GitHub or the like? Or did you online have them on c9?


I’m currently looking into making the UX much more clear so this is impossible to do mistakenly. Though there are stark differences to show that you’re about to delete your whole account, the flow for each process is somewhat similar with settings icons for the account and workspace too close for comfort. Any ideas or suggestions are welcome here.


I’m not sure what the process is to delete your account (I don’t want to do it to figure that out :slight_smile:) but I think just add as many steps as possible. I would also recommend a shutdown model. So if I try to delete my account, allow me, but only make my account inactive for maybe 24 hours, and then delete it. In those 24 hours, send me an email with a link I can use to cancel it. This would be super useful because it means a misclick wouldn’t delete a really good service. In addition to the email, you could also make it so when you try to log in again, it tells you your account is deactivated and provide a link there as well. This also means someone with malicious intent could not delete your account.


Oh my god. That totally does not sound like something I would do, as I don’t delete any of my workspaces usually. What can I do now then?


Sounds like you may be out of luck… please tell me you backed up your code somewhere, even a really old version of it…


As a matter of policy, Cloud9 employees do not delete Cloud9 workspaces or Cloud9 accounts.


Could you show me information about why and how was my account deleted? Id like to find out how exactly was this caused. It seems to me suspicious that anyone would delete my account. Thanks again. Even if I have to make a new account, could you let me retrieve my data from my workspaces? Thanks


Unfortunately, in these situations we cannot restore accounts or workspaces that have been deleted. Such a process is quite insecure and time consuming so we have a policy against it.

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