Must have a bin folder



I have just deleted a directory in my project that included many js files and jade templates. There should be a bin trash folder in order to restore my deleted files.

There can be some options that offering me either delete files automatically after a while or keep all the time, or keep last 20/50/100 of deleted files.

This should be even must because on I want to feel that I am working and developing a project as local as though I am on my own computer, which offers me recover my deleted files anytime.

Please offer developers a real-computer-based IDE area, not requiring back to computer.


Hi there,

Have you considered using version control for your workspace, and add your js and jade files to that?




@keyboardDrummer , I could consider using that however the last version I pushed on cloud was older version. Besides, If I was following a tutorial offering me documents, I 'd think second time whether I should use Cloud9 IDE for another project. Because it’s very dangerous losing a directory completely, especially when you are a beginner on such a IDE working on online.