Multiple window support


Hey there!

I’d love it if I was able to pop out my code into multiple windows. Right now, I can have 2 files or so open on one instance - but you could make use of built in browser functionality to add multiple external code windows for people with dual displays. This would make C9 much more like a common IDE.

Thanks. :slightly_smiling:


We don’t have this yet, but it’s certainly something we have considered. For now what you can try is opening the same workspace in two windows. You could even try using a second account that is signed into the same workspace to make sure that it maintains the open editors and other state for that window.



Certainly it would be one of the most important feature, the possibility to detach a panel to another window or tab


Expanding on this, it appears that you can have multiple different windows with different tabs and panels open by using the method described at Multi-monitor setup?. It should preserve your setup through workspace restarts and page refreshes.


I concur. C9 has a lot of competition, primarily against native apps. I love being able to use my Chromebook for development, and with support for Android apps coming soon, a key demographic is going to have even more options outside of C9. This may even unlock the potential to easily run the Atom IDE on Chromebooks soon as well.

Anyhow, we need friction-less support for multiple windows. It’s about time…


@jboarman could you please describe in more detail what do you mean by friction-less support for multiple windows?


Here’s an example of window friction:

In single window mode, if you close and open your tab again, things are, for the most part, where you left them. Currently, that doesn’t happen with multiple windows (ie, tabs). This would almost need to be implemented using some of abstraction like ‘windows,’ where you could define “This is window 1 of my workspace” and “…window 2…”, so that you could have two windows open at work, then come home, and open up two tabs, select a window for each, and have the same two monitor set up.

This would be killer for me, as one of the best features of using this IDE is being able to close my work on one computer, and continue on (without opening any new files, arranging tabs, etc) on another.


Please see Multi-monitor setup?, you can open one browser tab with the normal url and the other with ?state=something and they’ll keep the state independently.

You can also use this if you have some tabs open for working on one feature, and want an empty ide to work on something else without losing the current state.