Multiple Selections on Windows not working?


Anyone have any luck getting Ctrl-Alt-Right/Left working on Windows? I cant find that command in the keybindings section so I cant see if maybe the shortcut is messed up or something. If I select a word then go Edit->Multiple Selections->Add Next Selection Match it works just fine.

One other one I noticed as well is when you select code and hold alt down then click up or down its supposed to re-order those selected lines but it also has no effect.

Thanks for any hints!


Not sure exactly whats causing this but dont think it has to do with c9 now. I have chrome synced up between home and the office. At the office I cant use these commands, when I get home I can.


Thanks for the follow up on this. Some food for thought:

  • Could be a browser issue
  • Make sure you’re using Chrome or Firefox
  • Try incognito/private mode so no browser extensions/add-ons are installed and see if that yields any difference
  • Check the browser console and see if there are specific errors. These might help you narrow down what it is

Please post back here if you find out what it is.


As mentioned I am using Chrome and it is synced so everything browser related is the same. Same plugins, same version, same everything. But I went ahead and tried Firefox and it had the same behavior as well as nothing in the console throwing any errors.

My guess then is it has to do with something on this actual computer blocking that. Its just like its simply ignoring those commands. If I get it figured out I will let everyone else know just incase they run into the issue as well.


Figured it out finally! Well at least the multiple selections.

It was my Intel graphics card drivers here at work. They have global hot keys setup and a couple of them being the ctrl+alt+arrow keys. I disabled them and now everything works as needed.

I still am trying to figure out what program is using Alt+Up/Down Arrow for the reordering of code but this one is less important to me.


Awesome, thank you so much for noting that. Happy coding :wink: