Multiple file manipulation problems in GUI


In recent weeks, multiple problems have shown up in the Cloud9 GUI

Unable to delete files via GUI
Unable to replace files via SAVE AS
GUI File tree doesn’t consistently update

Unable to delete files via GUI
In recent weeks, it appears something has changed in the GUI. I am unable to delete files through the GUI by right clicking and selecting delete, or by highlighting and hitting the delete key. The only way I can delete files is to go into a terminal session and using the rm command.

Unable to replace files via SAVE AS
I used to be able to replace a file by overwriting with another file. For example, I would open file A and then use the SAVE AS function to save it as file B, replacing file B. At some point a few weeks ago this stopped working.

GUI File tree doesn’t consistently update
When files are deleted in a terminal, the GUI file tree frequently will not update, leaving the deleted file(s) in the tree.

I am also seeing more and more slow loading of my environment when signing on. Because of this, I am suspicious that these problems are due to some corruption of my specific environment. I have tried resetting, but have had no improvement. I’m wondering if it’s time to reboot the server?

These problems appear using both IE11 and Firefox 44.0.2

Can someone from support please look into this?


This most likely means that file permissions were changed, or you have created some files as root user instead of ubuntu.
When it can’t delete or save, is there a red error message?


File permissions were the first check I made. Even with permissions set to 777, these failures happen. In doing some more testing, I’ve also noted that most of these problems seem to occur only after a target file has been opened for edit and closed. (Actually, merely opening for edit causes the failures, but it wouldn’t make much sense to try and overwrite or delete while the file is open in an edit window.)

In answer to your question, no, there are no error messages. When these problems occur, I click on something to execute the action, like a save button, and nothing happens. No error message, no screen updates, nothing. The click is ignored. I can still click on cancel or something else that is still working, but the file update simply doesn’t happen.


Does it happen to any file or only to some of them?


This seems to be universal. It is also dependent on whether a target file has been previously opened in an editor.


Just found the request to access the env. Granted. How do we communicate?

Add to the problem the following: Recently, I’ve noticed that whenever I leave for extended periods, i.e., overnight, when I come back, the terminal window will return to the workspace directory instead of the directory that I was in when I left. Also, for a while it seemed that the workspace was offloaded to storage and had to be reloaded. Now it seems to still be resident in server memory, but still takes a relatively long period to initialize.


@cliffb1 thanks that helped me to debug the issue, save as should work now. DO you still see the other issues?