Multi-monitor setup?



Let me start off by saying that I have almost completely migrated my dev environment to c9, and that I am almost exclusively using the c9 IDE for development.

We have a multi-monitor setup at work. I have since learned that I can launch multiple instances of my c9 workspace, one for each monitor, plus a few more for preview / browser testing and terminal windows. The addition of being able to collapse the panels is working surprisingly well to support my workflow and use case. However I’m not able to “save” and “recall” this view across sessions (e.g. when I switch to my home computer). I end up with the view of the last c9 window that I configured and I will have to spend a couple of minutes setting up everything again.

I guess the question is, is there any way to save my own presets?

Apologies if this has already been asked before.


Support for something like this would be awesome! I run three screens at work. Center screen is my main coding workspace. The right screen contains my soultuion explorer/workspace window. Then my left screen is my browser so I can watch is as I am developing.

I am like you and am migrating all my stuff to c9, I really do love it. It would be awesome if we could detach the terminal panels and preview panels.


How would we detect which layout to load in which window?
use ?layout=1 in the url or menu items to save restore manually?


I would imagine that the path of least resistance would be to allow us to save new presets on a per-window basis. So if you’re working with 3 monitors, you will save 3 presets. Then to restore view, you will open 3 c9 windows, and load each preset in each window. I think that would be the minimum viable solution.

To build on that, maybe we can have grouped presets where loading the group opens the same number of windows as you have configured.

Unless of course the whole presets thing was overhauled to handle groups in of themselves.


Another vote for this idea- this would be terrific. I have a 5-monitor setup and support when reopening the IDE on multi monitors would be a big plus.


Add my vote to this. I use 3 monitors and being able to reload my work-space would save time.


+1 for multi monitor, would be cool to detach frames to its own browser tab


I also am in favor of this as I run 3 as well. I have just found cloud 9 and I am starting to reAlly like it. What I wish they had is a tablet version. Not really full mobile app cuz really don’t want to code on a phone do you? That is the reason I found it was because I was looking for a mobile app that was useful and more like an ide than an app. I found codeanywhere which I think c9 blows out of the water. Anyway just started messing with it today so my views may change.


I too would love to see this functionality. Multi-monitor support would be awesome!


We have recently added support for opening ide instances with separate state settings.
This allows to open workspace with ?state=any-name in the url to get a new window which doesn’t interfere with the old one.

For proper multi-monitor support we probably need to add support for dragging tabs between windows, pop-out tab action to the menu and a way to reopen popped out windows when the main window is reopened, but even now this feature should be useable.

Please try it and let us know what do you think

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Multiple window support

I’ll be the first to say thank you very much for this! It ended up being as simple as saving a bookmark for each instance across the multitude of screens I have at both home and work. Did you guys mention this feature anywhere else? I just stumbled into this thread after doing a Google search on multi-monitor support.


+1 for multi monitor support and the functionality discussed in this thread.


Wow, I almost forgot to check on this thread again. That’s great news!