Multi-file "jump to"?



Can someone please tell me how to do this? I saw an article saying that this was added as a new feature for javascript some time ago, but there weren’t any details. Thanks


F3 is the default Jump to definition button. It’s called “jumptodef” in keyboard preferences. It should jump across files when Cloud9 can infer where the function comes from. Sometimes this is hard to do because Javascript is a dynamically typed language.

Is there a specific piece of code that you believe it should work for that it isn’t working for? If so please post it here or link to the repository on Github.


Hi Tim, thanks for your reply. For me, the F3 only works for jumping to definitions within the same open file. I downloaded a project from Github for learning Javascript and MelonJS ( When it is opened in Cloud9, most files will have tons of warnings about “[variable_x] is not defined; please fix or add /* global [variable_x]*/” because those variables are defined in other files. They can be found in the project with shift+CTRL+F and searching for "var [variable_x] = ", but F3 doesn’t jump to their definitions.