Moving To AWS Educate



We’re looking into moving across to the AWS Educate plan and I was wondering if we move over, how will this work?

Will we be able to create our team and then invite in under our umbrella team as we have done previously on C9?



AWS Educate is essentially a way for education users to get credits for AWS services. We don’t have a way to migrate users or workspaces automatically at this time; you’ll be able to migrate workspaces by either cloning a Git repo to your workspaces, or by downloading your code (File > Download Project) and reuploading into pre-created AWS Cloud9 environments (File > Upload Local Files…). Users will have to be created as IAM users; you can find a guide here:


Hi Bryce,

Thanks for your reply.

You mentioned creating users as IAM users. Are you implying that we would be managing all of the students (>1000 at the moment and growing rapidly) as IAM users under our own account? From my understanding, that would be quite expensive, falling way out of the credits offered by the Educate account.

The alternative, I suppose, would be to teach each student to create their own AWS account that would then be linked to our Educate account, right? Does AWS Cloud9 provide any features to help us automate this sort of set-up, adding everyone to the same Cloud9 team, like we have at the moment (on the old Cloud9 plan)?