Move existing C9 project to DigitalOcean


As the topic title says, how we can move and start using DigitalOcean as a workspace and a production site?
Thanks in advance.


Hey @kodeine :smiley:,

You just create your DigitalOcean droplet and start recreating your workspace environment in your droplet, i.e.: git pull your code into your new droplet and install anything you need (python/Django for example and all it’s dependencies). DigitalOcean has very very good docs on setting up your new droplet. Better yet, make a dockerfile for your project and then just use one command to get your app all happy and setup/running in it’s new droplet home! :droplet: :house:

Also see these to maximize your upcoming Cloud9+DigitalOcean setup:

:books: :snail:


Here is my C9 to Digital ocean setup guide: