More with Salesforce support



So working through some of the basics of how to work with cloud9’s salesforce integration. I guess it’s best to create classes and such within salesforce web system and have cloud9 synchronize with the new assets at which point I can edit them in cloud9 (as there doesn’t seem to be any obvious ability to create classes easily… hey, now about a cli?) if needed.
Anyway, I created a unit test class for a trigger and was successful in getting the cloud9 salesforce testrunner to run the test with code coverage results. Cool, except… when I open the test coverage tab from the run I’m seeing this:

and I see no file of “undefined.cls” in my environment. I’m assuming what should show up here was the class under test (?), which in this case was a file in my triggers folder under the file name HelloWorld.trigger
Is this a bug or is there something I’m not setting up properly?