More than 3 active workspaces


With the new unlimited plan, what happens if I have more than three private workspaces?

Let’s say I have three of them that I am working with and are active, and the rest are hibernating. If I try to open a fourth, which one of the original active three gets inactivated? Can I choose, is it random or the least recently used/opened?

[edit] Or do I have to wait for a week?

Also, how long does it usually take to activate an inactive workspace?
[edit] I found



Thanks for writing in. As the pricing page mentions, you only get 3 active workspace. What that means is that only three workspaces will be actively running at a time. You can go back and activate any other workspace which will be really quick as well, but another workspace will move to inactive state.

The speed it restores will depend on how big your workspace is. It also depends on how long it was inactive for. The workspace stays on the server for a few weeks before being cleaned up, if it is still there then it is more in the 5-10 second area. After that it has to download from our backups/archives to restore. for example, if the workspace is a git checkout of a couple hundred MB it could be in the 10-20 second range. if it’s 9.5GB of files, it will take a while longer. I don’t have exact numbers I can give you at this time however as there are many variables at play as you can see.


Thanks for the details!


That’s helpful @justin8. How does this play in with collaborators?

ie. Could I be in 2 of my premium workspaces, and have a “basic plan” collaborator working in another? Are there any restrictions on collaborators aside from the 3 active workspaces limitation?


My question is relevant to the original question. In terms of active workspaces, what counts against that? does it require a service to be running or does it count as the workspace being opened and files are being accessed? I have noticed, despite being on a free plan, I have opened at least 2 workspaces to compare files and whatnot and even had a 3rd open briefly as an experiment and didn’t run into any limits. I know I can’t resize workspaces or create additional private spaces but was able to edit one after creation to private. Am I on some kind of premium trial from being a new user or is there some kind of new limit not listed anywhere?