"More" item in pane options doesn't show more tabs



Exactly as described.

When you extend to 20 or 30 tabs and you need a way of navigating them the pane options menu “more” link does not seem to do anything.

How to change tabs with a keyboard shortcut


If you’d like to navigate between the tabs, you can use key bindings. The keyboard shortcuts for moving to the tab on the right is Cmd Shift ] and for the tab on the left is Cmd Shift [. If these don’t work for you, you could edit them within Preferences > Keybindings. Just search for: gototableft and gototabright



I am not sure if scrolling from tab 5 to tab 20 is really a good idea using shortcut keys. Since I can scroll these tabs extremely often I would spend most of my time pressing that shortcut key instead of doing coding.

This is especially unhelpful since I go by the name of the file where I left off in the correct position (maybe on line 3500) and the tab works in such a way that they shrink like Chrome’s to a decimal; so you cannot see the name of the file you are editing.

Such a tactic doesn’t work too well in a browser and I do not believe it works well in a IDE either.

Afterall, the functionality should be there else the button wouldn’t exist.


Good catch. I reported this internally, added an image for ease of understanding, and shortened the title just a bit.



The issue is valid, but I’d like to add a few things to my original answer. If you’re frequently jumping between two tabs which are too far apart, here are some things that can help now:

  • Using the commands nexttab and previoustab by shortcuts. As before, you can switch the keybindings from within preferences. These are different from the previous movement commands I mentioned as these work on your tab switching history rather than tab placement. So, previoustab would take you to the previous tab you were using, and nexttab would take you to the one after

  • Using the navigation panel. Using Ctrl/Cmd P you can quickly navigate to an already open tab just by using parts of its name / path.

I hope these help.



What is the shortcut name of that key combination? Of course that combination will never work on windows PCs since CTRL+p is print


The name of the command is navigate.


@Sammaye it’s worth noting that if you go to customize your keybindings, you can assign a shortcut for closealltoleft or closealltoright and those may help out in situations like this.

Side note: I talked to a developer that mentioned he’s interested in making a plugin similar to https://atom.io/packages/zentabs but using the SDK for Cloud9 plugin development so that could happen at some point.


@Sammaye a fix for this has been put out. Can you try the more button now?


It sows “undefined” at the top of the list but apart from that it works thanks


There is also no way to close the panel, it is now always open for me


It seems I spoke too hastily, there is a checkbox in the cog I found by randomly clicking them for no apparent reason


Thank you for mentioning this, I was just about to add this as a note.