More Autocomplete Support


I’d love to see more support for auto-completion, linting, etc. in C9. Right now I’m working with WordPress and it would be great to have the sort of code hints, etc. available in Brackets and other similar software.

Is there a way for us as end users to create a plugin of sorts for C9 that offers autocompletion support (or other features) for C9? Perhaps a way that eventually could be baked into core if it was important enough?


This is awesome, I’d love to see this. I know Python autocomplete is an experimental feature right now (go to settings to try it out) but if you’d like to have a go at making your own, like Wordpress, here is the introduction to language language tooling for Cloud9. You’ll probably spend more time referencing one of the other language docs though since that one is mostly just an introduction:

  1. Cloud9 Plugin SDK: Language Handlers
  2. Cloud9 Plugin SDK: Jsonalyzer Handlers
  3. Cloud9 Plugin SDK: Using Existing Language Tools
  4. Cloud9 Plugin SDK: Customizing Code Completers