MongoDB revise dbpath for multiple apps in one workspace



I feel as though MongoDB may not be in the correct /data directory when I jump between different Node.js apps I’m working on that are in the same workspace.
Say I have 3 apps and an npm install for each along with each having its own /data folder:

How would I adjust the Cloud9 MongoDB setup?
Currently I go into whatever app I’m working on and then:
$ echo ‘mongod --bind_ip=IP --dbpath=data --nojournal --rest "@"’ > mongod
chmod a+x mongod SO if it was app1, then I would have ran the above in ~/workspace/app1/
I run ./mongo and then in the MongoDB console in a new terminal window($ mongo), I input “use app1” BUT even “use xhahsgsg” doesn’t throw an error.

Should I be using a different “dbpath” and how should I be putting that into the terminal?