MongoDB in Meteor workspaces



I am having trouble getting mongodb to work in meteor. Could someone take a look at the screenshot and see if they see the problem? It is the simple meteor tutorial.


Hello @montythemack :slightly_smiling:,

Pardon the late follow up here.
What exactly is the issue if you may also describe it in a few words in a reply here in the forum :page_facing_up:.



Hi @mikeumus! Thanks so much for responding. Simply put, I just want to be able to have my application read the documents in my MongoDB collections and print them to the page using the templates provided by meteor. For some reason, what I have is not working. Do you have any suggestions for getting this to work? I don’t know if it is a problem with Cloud 9 or my code.

Thanks in advance!


Any clue? @mikeumus Any help would be great!


Hey @montythemack,

If your project is open, may you link the workspace to us in a reply? :link: :hand:


@mikeumus Let me know if you need write access. THanks