Mocha and node debugger



Has anyone else run into an issue debugging mocha tests? The below screenshot shows what I mean: I can run a basic test without the debugger, but when I try to debug it, it fails. I could dive into the source code and try to figure it out with console.log() I suppose…


Cloud9 has an experimental test panel that allows for debugging. You can enable this via the experimental panel in the preference. Check out this screenshot:


Hey Ruben - Jetbrains seems to have fixed their nodejs debugger (at least that’s what they say - doesn’t seem to be shipped yet).

I’m not particularly interested in running mocha in its own special way. It is just a nodejs program, and it should be able to run smoothly when you run it as a node command.

I would recommend getting the general case right before investing too much in special functionality around it.

I don’t have time to spend a lot of time fiddling with a lot of back and forth, unfortunately.


Jetbrains ended up filing (and about these issues with debugging nodejs child processes.