Mobile Support (phone, tablet, iPad Pro, etc.)


I’m posting to mention that iPad Pro support is the only reason that I was interested in Cloud 9 in the first place. To shift my development into the cloud while I use a thinner client. I would pay for Cloud 9 for a whole engineering department for that and the collaboration features if it had decent mobile support. I see from all of this that it doesn’t, so I’m moving along…

PS: A very simple solution to the native OS integration issues like the arrow key problem would be to wrap Cloud 9 in a simple native app. Trap the arrow keys in Swift or Objective C code in the iOS app and relay them to Cloud 9 through Javascript hooks. It sounds like lots of people would pull the trigger and pay for Cloud 9 if something like that native glue-layer app existed.


While it is possible to use a mobile solution on the iPad for Salesforce Development, it is best using the apps Working Copy and Textastic.

I agree that it would not take much effort for an in house development team, or even an outsourced one for that matter, to wrap cloud9 in a Swift app and provide the requisite keyboard support to make this useful on the iPad.

Hopefully, with enough potential users like yourself posting to this community, the dev team will pay attention to this request and provide mobile support. I appreciate your post very much, and hope that you will keep following cloud9 and adopt when mobile support is available.


Seems that someone was able to figure out how to make this work:

I tried that sample editor on my iPad Pro with attached keyboard and the arrow keys worked as expected (including shift+arrows to select a block of text).


+1 for iPad support!


It looks like there is a pull request for Ace support of iPad arrow keys ( I am hoping this gets merged and incorporated into Ace soon. Not sure how quickly that would happen, and when Cloud9 would incorporate that new version of Ace. But I am now hopeful this will be resolved in the somewhat near-term. Looks like progress is being made.


It like you want to install Android Studio in phone/tablet as well. works best on wide-screen (computers/laptop or big tablets). I wouldn’t like to have it on my phone as it will be really hard to understand the code/structure