Mobile Support (phone, tablet, iPad Pro, etc.)


Currently, I am not a customer of c9 and I am a little bit shocked, that an online IDE is not striving to be mobile tablet compatible.

I just signed up to write this: I have a powerful workstation but wish to work from anywhere. I have a powerful IPad Pro 9.7 Tablet which is just great in performance and battery life and perfect for productivity with the iPad Pro smart keyboard.

So I am not sure if c9 is missing the train here, but if you would like to have me as a customer, do your homework and invest two weeks in CSS, HTML and Accessibility mark up so people can use the platform comfortably via keyboard and tablets.

The times that tablets where underpowered web-views is long over and I’d expect that some one is serving the mobile dev gab sooner than later. Be it Diet Coda, Nitrous IDE or you guys.

But forking off such an important aspect of accessibility to the community via an SDK really drove me away to give c9 a try. If I can not use the IDE platform independently, I can simply stick to my workstation?

If I need to, I can than still work relatively comfortable with the IPad via Parallels Access (APP) on my machine or access a server running the gui.

Mobile first guys. Or do you expect people to VNC to their machine to use a Web IDE?

I would like to mobile dev and bring my employees with me. It needs to be easier to have light fun coding in a restaurant without much hassle.


I agree that the iPad arrow keys don´t fire key-events, but still I can use arrow keys to navigate code, e.g. on JSFiddle, so it must be possible … The text input field here shows that it doesn´t fire events, but at the same time I can position my cursor in the JS-code and then navigate using arrow keys and edit the code, so it is possible:


I need to echo D1no’s sentiment here. As a cloud-based web-app, the lack of mobile support (even limited support) is shocking.

On my Nexus Tablet the IDE basically works, except the File Tree will not scroll and the lack of arrow key support (when keyboard is attached)

These seem like relatively minor issues that could be resolved enabling at least basic use of the platform on a mobile device. As is, I can’t use your system unless I’m at a desktop and that’s a deal breaker.


The arrow key functioning is essential for me as well. Funny enough in this message editor the arrows do work.


I am currently using Ubuntu Phone (Meizu Pro 5), Google Chrome and “onboard” keyboard app in libertine/XMir to code on the go :sunglasses: actually, desktop experience on a phablet is somewhat usable, [eyestrain warning: do not try this at home].


An editor like supports eg. ipad keyboards. It uses the “contenteditable” input model to fix the issue.

For the Ace editor(the editor used on you can follow the issue at:
In both issues the fix is described, however I think it will take some rework in the Ace editor to support contenteditable.


Jeff, thanks for all your suggestions in this thread, I’m very keen to get Cloud9 working on iPad.

I’d like to know if it’s possible to use Cloud9 with the Coda app on iPad like you suggested - is this something you’ve tried? If so, any tips on how to set it up?


You are most welcome christian!

I think the best mobile alternative to Cloud9 is Let me stress that has no specific Salesforce support, and no Apex syntax highlighting which overall makes it inferior to Cloud9 with regards to Salesforce development. However, it does have a terminal that works on the iPad (if you use the Puffin Browser App) and you can use the Dropbox App to hold an Ubuntu copy of the cli. At that point, you can upload the cli into a bin directory in your dev box and use it to compile your code in your Salesforce instance (force fetch, force import). Obviously, the terminal can also be used for source control, and does have great support for both github and bitbucket. The key to this solution is the mobile app for the iPad which does not support the terminal, but does make coding possible and reasonable. You’ll want to use Java syntax highlighting for classes and triggers as it is the closest alternative.

Overall this solution is hacky to say the least and a professional, mobile solution from Cloud9 would be far superior. However, if you really want to code exclusively on your iPad, I think this is the best approach I’ve found. Hope this helps you christian :slight_smile:


Big fan of cloud9 and iPad pro too. But I was just thinking if smart keyboard arrow keys are a hassle to support how about an ESC shortcut? Because that’s all it takes for C9 VIM mode to become perfectly usable on iOS.


I like your idea a lot! Using remote desktop applications on the iPad like Jump, for example, it’s easy to see that not only the ESC key, but other modifiers can be added as a top row to the software keyboard. This would be a huge step in the right direction.


Hello All,

Mobile support would be great! It would be the only full fledged mobile development platform out there and that would be a huge lead! Since IOS users are more prone to pay for applications and services it would be a great business investment to target those people, like so many companies have done before.

I hope the c9 team has made progress on this elephant in the room!

Keep up the great work!


Ipad IOS 9 (Safari) workaround

Edit -> Keyboard mode -> Vim
Use h, j, k, l do navigate.
For more options please read vim manual.


I was so excited to sign up for a Cloud9 subscription, but when I read that it didn’t support mobile, I just had to go with CodeAnywhere…I really hate to make this move because I love how more robust Cloud9 is, but neglecting the mobile community is going to stagger growth. Anyway, hopefully someone at Amazon can talk some sense into the Cloud9 team…


I’m with you on this. I think c9 has to have this on their radar. With the capabilities of mobile devices getting stronger by the minute I would think it be a matter of just tweaking and a few adjustments to the gui. My iPad runs it now but does freeze from time to time and I would think it has a lot to do with the terminal it is trying to run or whatever it is I would think it just can’t be that hard!


I see a lot of posts here about the workflow they have now and haven’t seen mention of the Textastic and Working Copy workflow. Does anyone else here use that? When I got the iPad pro I found that first and spread out from there looking for a prettier option. I like Coda but not so easy to work with as Cloud 9.


I’m in the same camp as you, but i don’t think money is much of an issue for C9, as it’s now owned by Amazon.


Mrl, what do you do about the escape key?


I did for awhile and found that I was very productive with it!


I am using an iPad Pro using the hardware keyboard. Now c9 would be an interesting option to being able to develop using my iPad.

However, when I use the arrow keys on the keyboard, the cursor in the editor does not respond. The arrow keys are essential for me to do serious programming so this is a bit of a killer for me.


Esc key is often on external bluetooth keyboards.
Switching keyboard mode to different one and back to vim mode also acts as esc.