Mobile Support (phone, tablet, iPad Pro, etc.)


So it’s probably no secret how much I love Cloud9. In case it is: I love Cloud9.

What I don’t often discuss is how much I love the iPad, and now the iPad Pro, as a work tool for writing code. While I’m not an Android user, I know many DEVs who love the Android platform and I feel that this request would be pertinent for them also.

Cloud9, to it’s credit, has stated that it is not a platform that is “mobile-friendly”. My question is: why?

As our world becomes smaller, and more and more software engineers are working on multiple projects, some in “travel to” locations, the mobile revolution becomes ever more relevant. Beyond that, there is an almost ineffable, yet profound, experiential aspect to using a superb mobile device. What I currently crave is for Cloud9 to be a part of that experience.

I’m not suggesting a mobile app, although that would be “awe-some!”, but rather that the existing web interface support mobile features. For example:

  • iOS 9 has a feature where you can use your onscreen keyboard as a mouse; including positioning the cursor and making selections. This would be superb in Cloud9!

  • Another necessity would be the ability to drag and drop; although using the terminal and “navigate” panels does solve a lot of this for me.

  • If a bluetooth keyboard is connected, the ability to use the arrow keys would be fantastic.

  • Mobile scrolling support! While it is possible to scroll through the code in mobile Safari, performance is sluggish. More importantly, there is not a way to scroll through the “Workspace” panel which means using terminal for Salesforce instances that have a lot of code.

  • Lastly, the terminal itself grows sluggish the more it is used, making it necessary to close and re-open fresh terminal windows. I don’t seem to have this problem in OS X.

In summary, being that Cloud9, by its very nature, is a portable IDE, it would be phenomenal if it could be used on a more portable device :slight_smile:

Has anyone used Cloud9 on an Ipad Pro?
Connection to workspace via SSH
Cursor Navigation on iPad Pro

As a follow-up to this post, my current solution is to use “Duet” which can be found in the Apple App Store. I do need to have my laptop as part of this solution, but it gives me a multi-touch display I can use OS X with. This allows me to bring up Cloud9 with all of the functionality of a laptop but with the multi-touch support of an iPad. Not an ideal solution, but at least it makes my iPad Pro relevant in my workflow. As a bonus, I can use the iPad Pro in Portrait Orientation which is better for looking at my code!


Sorry to resurrect this but taking another look at it, several of these features are doable via a plugin using the SDK for Cloud9 plugin development if anyone is interested. For opening files or right-clicking them, you could just add two icons to the side of each file that allow you to open the context menu or open the file with a tap of the icon.

You could also manually add in a mobile friendly scrollbar so you can navigate the file menu on an iPad or mobile phone. I think some of the other things could be done with the SDK as well so I’d give that a look and see if any of these things are trivial right now.



I’m glad that you have additional information about this very important topic! Unfortunately, my schedule does not permit a deep dive into your SDK. I would be interested to see if anyone else on the community has developed with the SDK and if they would have any thoughts here.


Glad you said that. I’m sure this is the case for most people but if someone feels so inclined and has the time to make it happen, let it be known that much of this is doable via the SDK :relieved:


So no iPad support is on the roadmap at all?


Because several of these issues are fixable by the existing SDK and mobile support won’t benefit the entire Cloud9 community as much as other features that are on the roadmap, iPad support is not on the roadmap at all.


I’ve been wanting to do coding on my ipad for a while now and Cloud9 seemd the ideal choice. I have an Ipad PRO and for most cases, the IDE renders great!

The biggest issues are really that I can’t use any of the directional keys (arrows) on the ipad keyboard or logitech ikeyboard in the IDE. I tried using the VIM theme and I can’t control where the cursor is without touching the screen.

This all works fine obviously on my laptop/desktop.

Any suggestions or if there’s anything in the roadmap to support IOS browsers down the road?



Hi changzone,

Unfortunately, we do not have this on the roadmap for now, although this could well change in the future. In the meantime, maybe this post would help with trying to get it working with your iPad? Mobile Support (phone, tablet, iPad Pro, etc.)




I hear you! I love my iPad Pro and do wish that Cloud9 had the features you are requesting. Some things you can try:

You have probably already seen my post that you’ve been directed to. Duet is a good way of using the multi-touch capability of your iPad Pro in an OS X environment. In particular, using the Portrait orientation of your device can allow you to see more of your code at once.

If you want to stick with iOS, then check out the Puffin Browser App. It gives you a built-in trackpad and more keyboard options, however sadly it does not support the arrow keys. You can also use terminal in Cloud9 to replace many of the actions that usually require a mouse. Additionally, the ‘Navigate’ tab gives you the ability to quickly find your code without having to use the Workspace tab (which sometime gets cut off with the iPad).

You can also go a totally different route and use the Coda App. This gives you all the bells and whistles, inclulding arrow key support and with the Java syntax highlighting, approximates your Apex code highlights. Its quite easy to copy and paste into Cloud9, which is still a great part of your workflow for using git and for making quick adjustments to your code. The downside here is that you don’t get the auto-complete features of Cloud9.

While there is no quick fix that I’ve discovered, I hope this gives you a few ideas to help maximize your coding productivity with your iPad Pro. Let me know if you make any additional discoveries :slight_smile:


I think that the iPad pro is a perfect use case for the cloud 9 editor. I have been toying with a free workspace to play around, but if I could run it properly on safari for iOS, it would be a no brainier to pay the monthly subscription and I could ditch my laptop for so much of my work.


Thanks for the tips.

I have tried all of the online IDEs. Some of the others support the arrow keys, but don’t render as nicely as Cloud9. If they just added the arrow key support, I could deal with the other issues you mentioned (scrolling, etc). When you search around, there are a lot of people who are interested in cloud IDEs for iPads, so I think Cloud9 could gain some paying customers (including me and the others on this thread) by making their IDE work and publicizing it in the same way they publicized their new Google integration the other day.

In the meantime, I’ve been using TeamViewer on my iPad to remote into a desktop and code.

I hope Cloud9 will reconsider not having this support on the roadmap.


I’m in the “gonna pay if mobile support is added” crowd.

I am currently trying out cloud9 service and it is exactly as I hoped it would be. An replacement that runs in the browser (no pun intended). Open multiple consoles, host servers in development mode, run gulp, tsc, it even has the latest ruby installed through rvm (?! why thank you I’ll take that)

While I’m traveling to/from work for 2 hours every day by ship, I would like to use the road opportunity to develop my pet project. I currently have a workflow where I ssh into a cloud machine remotely, use vim/screen to do the editing, a bunch of scripts and configurations help start the services/watchers I need and I use a mobile browser to do the testing. However, it does get very tiresome to type shortcuts and edit multiple files with vim on a 5 inch android phone. It would be much nicer to have a browser-friendly cloud ide to save the day.


I also like the idea of using my IPad anywhere to code. The only problem is the missing arrow support, because this keys are the most used keys while coding. I would appropriate this feature very much.


Definitely gonna pay if mobile support is added. Currently paying several double digit apps (Coda, Pythonista, ETC) just so I can code on my iPad Pro and upload things to a server and run. Please consider putting iOS support on your roadmap!


same problem here, the arrow keys does not work on ipad pro


Please support arrow keys on iPad


Unfortunately ipad doesn’t fire any detectable keyboard events for arrow keys, so we can’t support them.
Bugs about this have been reported to apple many times, but there haven’t been any progress so far. You can try commenting on


Hey harutyun,

Thanks so much for weighing in on this issue. If what you say is so, could you please explain how apps like Coda for the iPad do have arrow key support for bluetooth keyboards, as well as on screen keys that mimic arrow keys? Obviously you are more informed than I am, however I have seen this functionality work great in other apps and, thus, tend to think that it is indeed possible.

Any insight you could provide would be most appreciated. Thanks for working on c9!!


Looks like you might be talking about native mobile apps, which would require even more investment than making the web app mobile optimized.

@harutyun is referring to arrow keys working within Safari on iOS I believe. Assuming this same thing happens for other browsers on iOS but I don’t use iOS so I can’t say for sure.