Metor template doesn't work whenusing Git to create workspace


I am trying to create a workspace using Git and the meteor template since the git project is a meteor project. Once the source is pulled from Github, I run the “meteor” command to launch the site and it tells me that it is not a meteor project and directs me to create a new meteor project with meteor create . How to I associate a git sourced meteor project with the meteor template created? I’m assuming that by pulling in a git repo project the Meteor template is ignored?



When you’re using a git repository as base, the workspace folder contains the contents of the repo only, and not our built-in template workspace folder. Other than that, the workspace is remains the same as you would have created it without cloning.

Although I’m not too knowledgeable about Meteor, I think if the .meteor file is checked in, the meteor command should recognize your app and run it without problems.

Can you give us more details about this? Does cloning your git repo work from scratch work on other systems?