Meteor Facebook Login /This Site Can't be Reached



Has anyone encountered this issue when trying to set up Facebook Login for their Meteor App?

I was able to run my Meteor app locally using http://localhost:3000/_oauth/facebook?close

In other words, no issue with the code.

But I wasn’t able to run it when I put code on Cloud 9.

For Cloud 9, I used

See attached:

#2 is a local IP address that is then proxied to a custom URL to your workspace, which is in teh format (so probably for you). In addition, port 8080 is forwarded to port 80 and 443 (the standard HTTP and HTTPS ports, respectively), so in your facebook configuration, you can just use, and it should work.


Thank you very much for your reply. I am afraid it didn’t work.

When I use approach/format, I get the following error message

Using actually got me farther i.e to the sign in page.

But after that it got back to This Site Can’t be Reached.

BTW, not sure if this piece of information helps, was part of the instruction given by one of the Meteor package for Facebook Log in.

Also I see this on the search bar for the site that can’t be reached:


Please, can you go into your Facebook API configuration, and make sure the URL in my previous post are set there, in place of, then go to your callback configuration in Meteor (I’m not entirely sure where this is, you might have to do a little digging), then set the same value there. It sounds to me like you’ve set the callback URL correctly, but haven’t set it in Facebook, so Facebook rejects it, but when you change it to, it matches the Facebook configuration and proceeds. If you still encounter the problem, paste the code you used and a screenshot of the API configuration on Facebook, please, and we’ll try to figure it out.




I’m having the same issue from cloud9. Any chance you could help??