Message error... Command failed: /mnt/shared/sbin/tmux -C -u2 -L cloud92.2



When I try to start some script in my workspace the following message appears: Command failed: /mnt/shared/sbin/tmux -C -u2 -L cloud92.2 new -s output320931 bash -l -c ‘trap ‘’‘printf “\e[01;30m\n\nProcess exited with code: $?\e[0m\n”’’’ EXIT “bash” “-i” “-l” “/home/ubuntu/workspace/GBot/” ’ ; set -q -g status off ; set -q destroy-unattached off ; set -q mouse-select-pane on ; set -q set-titles on ; set -q quiet on ; set -q -g prefix C-b ; set -q -g default-terminal xterm-256color ; setw -q -g xterm-keys on ; set -q remain-on-exit on ; setw -q -g aggressive-resize on ; list-panes -F c9-pid#{pane_pid}- ; detach can’t create socket: Permission denied

That message appears before any script that you want to use even does not let me use neither the terminal nor anything, my workspace is unusable, I hope I can have a solution soon to the problem, thanks.