Member of two educational teams at once



I am running some educational teams at the moment. My student were previously part of another educational team and when they joined my team their access to their previous team was revoked and they no longer have access to their old workspaces. Can you tell me if it is possible to be part of more than one team at a time and have access to workspaces created under both team. I would like my students to be able to work both teams at the same time if possible.

Kind regards, Alex.


You can be a part of as many teams at a time as you’d like. Access to other teams shouldn’t be revoked when you’re added to another team.


Thank you very much for clarifying this. I am waiting to hear back from the other lecturers involved before I mark this query as a mistake on our part, perhaps one of the other lecturers removed students from a team and deleted workspaces which they had shared with them.

Can you please let me know if it is possible to set up a workspace as shared with a team, but not public, without having to individually add all team members to it? Some classes can be 20 students and it takes time to do this.

Thanks for your time


There isn’t a way to do this in AWS Cloud9 doesn’t have this built-in, but does offer APIs to accomplish this task.


Hi Bryce, thanks for clarifying this. I am continuing to work with other lectures to have students on multiple teams and I am sure that we will get there :slight_smile: