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Can anyone point me to a working tutorial on setting up for C9? I’ve tried several tutorials and nothing seems to fully work. I thought MEAN stack was pretty popular so I’m surprised that it’s hard to find an up-to-date how-to. Thanks!


What exactly didn’t work? I’ve just now tried to follow instructions from

npm i -g bower gulp
sudo npm install -g mean-cli 
mean init yourNewApp
cd yourNewApp
npm install
bower install

and it seems to work well,only issue is that it requires 1 gb ram and >1 gb disk


Thanks for replying harutyun!

I created a new C9 VM and ran the above commands.

I also have Mongod running in a separate terminal (I guess the above commands don’t do this for us?) .When I try to run the app by typing “gulp” however:

I am told Error:cannot find module “mongoose”

I went ahead and ran “npm install mongoose” in an attempt to fix this

Then I try to run “gulp” again

I get “Mean app started on port 8080 (development) 0”

But when I click preview running app, I get a page saying

“ECONNRESET: Request could not be proxied!”

Could it be that I’m missing something obvious? Should I be running mongod and the mean app on the same port?

Thanks for reading!


Seems like this is a bug in mean itself
After reinitializing the project with the 0.11.1 i got it running, (but seeing how complicated and slow it is makes me sad)


Thanks for checking harutyun! I tried running 1.11. Still wont run.

I still get an error that mongoose was missing and I had to install it separately. Did that happen to you?

I also still get:
Mean app started on port 8080 (development) 0

Might have to dig into support more to find out what’s wrong.

Would anyone else recommend a simple way to get start MEAN apps? I’ve been trying for weeks and it has been a very frustrating and time consuming experience for me :cry: . Thanks for reading!


i have started mongod in one terminal, then in another one

# had to remove previous version, since i have installed it with sudo
sudo rm -rf /home/ubuntu/.nvm/versions/node/v4.4.5/lib/node_modules/mean-cli
# install 0.11.1
npm i -g mean-cli@0.11.1
# init a project and set up mongod admin user
mean init x
# install dependencies, this installed mongoose too
cd x && npm i
# start the server (takes a while to start up)