on c9 workspace return Invalid Host Header



Hey guys,

Okay im trying to startup a MEAN stack with

Heres what Ive done in order:
Created a blank workspace

Installed/Configured MongoDB

Updated Node and NPM
nvm install
nvm alias default 8
npm install node
node -v

Ive pulled the stack onto my workspace
and ran
npm install
npm start

So I changed webpack.config.js
"server:dev:hmr": “npm run server:dev – --inline --hot”,
“server:dev”: “npm run webpack-dev-server – --config config/ --host $IP --port $PORT --inline --hot --open --progress --profile --watch --content-base src/”,
“server:prod”: “http-server dist -c-1 --cors”,
“server:prod:ci”: “http-server dist -p 3000 -c-1 --cors”,
“server”: “npm run server:dev”,
“start:hmr”: “npm run server:dev:hmr”,
“start”: "concurrently “npm run server:dev” “nodemon --watch server server-start.js” ",

to this as I already got it to run a different node project by specifying host and port (not a mean stack)

However my page now only returns Invalid Host Header


new versions of webpack-dev-server require --disable-host-check flag to work behind a proxy. where host is different from the url you type in the browser