Massive file loss - Anything to be done?



My current project I’m working on… Well to put it bluntly, all the files under my Workspace just… vanished. I even have the tabs open in the editor still for some of them.

What gives?
Is there any way to get them back?



I attempted to follow the steps here: How do I recover a deleted file?

The Documents table in the sqllite database is empty… I decided maybe I was doing something wrong with command line SQL browsing, and I remade one of the files I know was in there with it’s exact name and location: it’s the first version in the history (Not surprising since the Documents table was empty).

It’s almost like C9 completely refreshed my workspace. Is there something happening in Public workspaces I should know about? This seems like really really unexpected behavior. Do I have to start from scratch?

I mean I’ll back up my stuff up an additional time from now on but really I just want any input at all.


I’ve never had complete file loss but I have seen my entire workspace reverted to a previous state. Since it happened the first time I’ve made sure to never leave anything in C9 that I couldn’t afford to lose. I push everything to GitHub.