Looking to setup for paired programming, Any advice on how to?


I may have a reoccurring call to pair program and I’m wondering what the proper setup is?
Any advice on how to approach this.

Maybe I read the documents too quickly, but I think that i can pay the $19 / month for an individual account, plus a dollar extra for instructional account, and that would let me start a paired programming session, and invite someone else to pair programming, without the necessity that the other enter a credit card. Is that allowed and doable?


So, the $19/month is for a premium account, if you want it. Otherwise, just go with the free account, as that will work as well. Then, you can get the $1/month plan to invite the other user without them needing a credit card, and they will be able to create an account, which you can invite to any workspace. Alternatively, you could use another method of credit validation such as buying a prepaid gift card with <$5 on it, and use that to verify, which would work as well.