Long running processes


Long running processes: Cloud9 is a development environment. It allows you to run, test and debug your applications while working on them. We are not an application hosting platform and don’t guarantee that your applications will keep running after you close the IDE. We might add a way to upgrade a workspace to an ‘always on’ workspace at some point if there is demand (mail us if you are interested).

I’m interested!!


Are hot workspaces enough for your use case?


A hot workspace is definitely better than nothing! But it would be nice to not have to worry about my server hibernating.

I have an app called Tiles that’s a multiplayer musical toy. It’s a total hobby project and gets very little traffic, but I like to occasionally share it with friends, etc. I brought it over to Cloud 9 from AWS after using c9.io on a Free Code Camp project. (My AWS server was free for a year, but after that they started charging an unpredictable fee each month.) I love the simplicity of being able to treat the server like another machine instead of navigating the nightmare UI that is the AWS website! This is a very cool platform.


Hot Workspaces

We’ll keep your workspaces running. Your open terminal sessions and running applications will still be there the next time you visit your workspaces, and your workspace will open lightning fast!

Are you paying for Cloud9’s premium service? If you are than there you go. But if you want this feature in the free account than you are asking for too much. Because your “long running processes” take up CPU and Memory while running, all of that costs money. My recommendation is create a VPS ( Virtual Private Server ) account with some provider, my personal provider is OVH, I pay $3.49 for a server that seems to be always online and offers good performance. The point of this site is to test, not to host.

I honestly do not know how c9 is able to have free workspaces in the first place. And for them to have so much features.


Hot Workspaces aren’t guaranteed to stay running. So that’s not a perfect solution. I don’t necessarily expect long running processes for free, but right now, there’s not a paid solution either.

However, it’s possible that GitHub’s model could work for Cloud9 – allowing public projects free access and private projects paid access to always-on servers. Note that C9 currently has a similar model (allowing 1 private project on the free plan).


Hmm, that does sound like a good idea. And its a bit strange that hot Worspaces are not guaranteed to stay running.


Heroku already provides the services you want, for free. Use Cloud9 for development and Heroku for hosting.