Login session and autofill


I have a common occurrence scenario that is frustrating.

  1. I am logged in and have a tab open at https://ide.c9.io/USERNAME/WORKSPACE
  2. I visit https://c9.io/USERNAME (this redirects to c9.io/login)
  3. c9.io/login has a 50/50 chance of chrome autofill working, resulting in needing to manually login most of the time I need to open a different workspace.

It seems that (1) that the login session should let me hit c9.io/USERNAME and not redirect and (2) something is causes chrome autofill to not work well with the login page.


Thanks for the report here. Not sure what’s causing #2 but I don’t think it’s on the Cloud9 side. It almost sounds like a browser plugin issue but I can’t say for sure (perhaps it is on Cloud9 and I’m off here).

As for the login issue. Thanks for mentioning this here. This is a tricky situation with cookies where we’re using two different cookies. It gets me as well. I don’t have any information about if/when this will be fixed but thank you for reporting it here.