Locked out of account


Apologies if the following is somewhat confusing. The following unfortunate series of events happened to me today while updating my password:

The problem: Cloud9 does not provide a visible success notice when your password has been successfully updated.

Therefore, my first attempt to update my password was successful, but since I didn’t know my attempt was successful (because I couldn’t see the success notice) I hit the update button several more times. Because the “old password” was actually incorrect now (because my original attempt to update my password worked) I had several failed login attempts in a row.

Now I’m locked out of my account. 1. Can someone unlock it for me? 2. And possibly add a visible success message when your update password is successful?


This is really good to know, I’ve logged an internal issue about this so we can take a look at this. In the meantime, you should only be locked out for a couple minutes or so. If you’re not able to get back in then try waiting an hour before trying to log in once more. Note that resetting your password does not reset the timer for the lockout.