Locally installed Plugin doesn't get loaded


I developed a plugin using the public version of c9 and tested it there. It worked well in debug mode. I then pushed it to my local git repo.
Then I switched to my locally running version of Cloud9 (The SDK).

There, I checked out my plugin code and built/installed it as follows:

me@server:~/my.ide.tooltabs$ c9 build -v my.ide.tooltabs

Permissions are:  world
WARNING: Description property in package.json will be ignored. README.md will be used.
Processing 2 files.
Compressing:  false
me@server:~/my.ide.tooltabs$ c9 install . --local --verbose
Installing package locally
npm WARN package.json my.ide.tooltabs@0.0.1 No license field.
Successfully installed my.ide.tooltabs@undefined

To me it looks like everything went fine. Except it didn’t. The installed plugin is nowhere to be seen. It’s neither in the plugin manager nor anywhere else. Well, not nowhere. The folder exists at ~/.c9/plugins/my.ide.tooltabs/ What did I do wrong? I enabled all the experimental options.


To load a new plugin when you run the IDE locally, you can simply add a new entry to configs/configs-default.js. It would be the path of your main plugin file, so something like:

"plugins/my.ide.tooltabs/plugin", // if my main plugin file is called plugin.js

This is shorthand for, and synonymous with the following:

    packagePath: "plugins/my.ide.tooltabs/plugin"


Hi bradydowling,

I am unable to find configs/configs-default.js in c9 workspace. Can you please help me to find the file and my main requirement is ability to run my customized plugin in normal mode(as of now I am able to execute in debug mode only)



Let’s keep this thread related to local plugin development only. For discussion about loading plugins on a hosted workspace, have a look at Distributing and Installing Custom Cloud9 Plugins.