Loading Workspace process is stuck indefinitely. My browser console replies with a Response of 428: Precondition Required


Hello, I’ve been working on a nodeJS project, only to find my workspace can’t start itself up. Are there any workarounds aside from a retry -> refresh -> wait loop?


Please email support@c9.io with a request to restart your workspace, including your username and the affected workspace. support@c9.io is their premium support, but they will do that for free users.


Much appreciate @dannytech, will send an email right away. I’ll end the thread upon confirming that the issue has been resolved.


Update: My workspace has been taken down. I assume that it may be under some kind of repair. I haven’t received any notification from the c9 support team. Do they usually remain quiet after reaching out via email?


Usually they remain quiet while restarting your workspace, then email you when done, it should be up in a while.