Loading workspace fails with error "Secure Connection Failed"



Hi, I am having trouble opening IDE for my workspace from Work.

I can login and browse through my workspaces. But as soon as I click on Open on the workspace, it fails. It tries to connect, then timeouts and eventually fails with the error “Secure Connection Failed”.

I noticed that when I go to,
https: //c9.io/alpatel - Firefox is reporting it as Secure connection (See attachment)

But accessing workspace at,
https: //ide.c9.io/alpatel/webdev - Firefox reports Connection is not secure.(See attachment)

It works fine from Home. Does it has anything to do with Firewall at work? but then why https://c9.io works but https://ide.c9.io fails… What can i do to make it work at home?


It is hard to tell without knowing more about the Firewall.
What does it show when you click on the arrow next to “connection not secure”?