Load new file message (don't say yes to the question!)



Am a nubie. Was working in my workspace, noting that work was being saved for me.

Then the worst happened…my Windoze10 machine froze. (That’s a different problem.) I needed to power cycle the machine unceremoniously. When logging back into my workspace, I was told that it found a file and did I want to load it. Big mistake. Apparently the file was an old version (using the same filename), because all the changes I made in the past hour were not present.

What went on here? I thought my work was automatically saved. What was the file it loaded? (And why was the file viewed as different than my active work file…no name change occurred.)

Any thoughts would be welcome. Not looking forward to reconstructing my work.




Your code is not lost. Just use the revision history feature. See this thread for more info:


Thank you for your reply.

I happened to stumble on the File History feature and noticed that at the end of the time period captured, my latest changes were not in the history. As a result, I suspect that when my machine crashed, it had buffered those recent changes locally and had not sync’d them with the master file. When it died, those recent changes were lost.

(The good news is that as a newbie, I don’t have a ton of lost work…mostly learning code.)

This begs the question: Is there an auto-save setting (on/off) and, if so, perhaps I need to reduce the save window time.




I know there was at one point in workspace settings but I believe it has been removed or moved to experimental features because it often causes code to be lost as happened here. You’ll have to check in your workspace settings to be sure though.


Will do. Thanks again!