Live reload does not work for ionic serve


Hi it seems that using the live reload with ionic serve does not work. Locally when I change a file the server rebuilds and my browser refreshes. This does not seem to be the case when running out of cloud9, the files get rebuilt but the browser does not refresh. I am running the following command: ionic serve -p $PORT -r 8081 --address $IP am I doing something wrong or is this just how it works? If this is just how it works is there any chance for it to be fixed?


I’m currently working on an Iconic 3 app and using the command: ionic serve -p $PORT -r 8081 has always been working for me. However, starting about couple hours ago it stopped working. The browser shows no application is running error.

I contacted support to see if there has been any issue on their end, still waiting for their response.


I would suggest downgrading the ionic cli. The current version doesnt not serve on cloud9 for me as well.


Thanks, I did that and it worked again, the issue was with the latest
version of cli version 3.7.


Hi, which version of the ionic cli are you using? I can’t get the livereload to refresh my chrome browser on 3.6, 3.7, 3.8 or @latest. Struggling with a fresh HTML5 workspace on c9 and a new sample “ionic start myApp tabs”. Using “ionic serve -p $PORT -r 8081” and editing home.html but updates are only reflected in the browser after a manual refresh.


Update: Ionic livereload on Cloud9 works today using “ionic serve -p $PORT -r 8081 --dev-logger-port 8082” and ionic@3.12.0. Be sure to use http instead of the default https.