Live coding help option gone?


There was an option for Live coding support via an integration with Hack-hands (

Is this over? I don’t see the option any longer.



This is a thing? It sounds awesome. Why have I not heard of this before? Let me get this straight. Someone runs a service where an experienced programmer is available via some kind of chat to help you with your code (providing you pay some type of subscription fee I’m guessing)?

As a Freelancer and a student, this just makes my mouth water . . .


I just checked out their website (hack-hands)and it is indeed just what it sounds like above. They don’t list your prices though. It seems to be time based, not subscription based which makes sense I suppose.


Yes, I know about the service and did give it a try. It’s based per minute, first 5 minutes no commitment to see what you think of the provider. But there was an in IDE option to open this channel when I tried C9 a month ago.

Mostly, I was wondering if it was truly integrated. Hackhands on it’s own is just screen sharing. I suppose you could share your project space with a provider after the fact, but it seems like there could be some nice interface shortcuts to make hackhands even better.

RE: hackhands… I’m not sure I agree with their methodology. You can’t source a provider, you basically get put in a queue and providers pick up your request. They are notified from lowest price up. I would find it more useful to search for a provider rather than a random queue.


Thank you for asking about this. The hackhands integration was having some issues so it has been disabled for the time being. I’ll post any updates here as I know about them.