List view in dashboard



When viewing “My Repositories” and “My Workspaces” within the C9 dashboard I feel it would be really important to have a minimalist plain list/table view option for these pages.

The reason for this on the “My Repositories” page is because when you have a lot of repositories with long names that are similar in naming it is impossible to read the full repo name. This is a major downside in usability with this page.

The reason for this on the “My Workspaces” page is when you have a lot of Workspaces created the is so much visual noise with the description info, buttons, cloned from info, Workspace size info and updated time info its hard to scan with your eyes and makes it a pain to quickly get to an old Workspace down the page. If the list was a list/table style with maybe just displaying the title on each line, the extra info could be able to be seen on a button click popup on the right, and open button on the right, and maybe a Workspace settings button on the right as well. THis will bring the list item to a total of three buttons and a title making this page easier to navigate and I feel this will up usability in the dashboard substantially.

Also add a setting in your account for witch view style you prefer so you don’t have to choose it all the time.

Just a thought.
Let me know what you think.


I absolutely agree!! I’m using C9 with my programming class – I have students share their workspaces with me so I can watch as they’re working and easily see their finished code. Looking through all the big squares makes it more difficult to find anyone.

And then, how about adding other sorting schemes (by username, by workspace name, etc). Keep up the good work!!


I realize this is a moderately old thread, but felt that I should add that this most certainly needs added. The giant bulky blocks simply don’t work for us with smaller screens or laptops. One of my biggest complaints about C9 is the size of some of the UI elements, as if all the information is necessary RIGHT NOW!

On my current laptop (A small cheap Chromebook) I can hardly see more than a single row of projects, which with the “Create New” project, I get a grand total of 2 view-able work spaces. This wouldn’t be a difficult change to implement and would certainly help many people, especially larger groups/companies using C9.

Side Note: Even better would allow us to customize the elements of C9 itself, but, that would be a much larger undertaking, but none the less allow us to fix this problem ourselves.


I agree here, this wouldn’t benefit me too much, but it would be useful for seeing my projects