Link to image uploaded directly to cloud9?


I had been uploading images to a hosting site but I have found that to be very unreliable. What is the best way to get images onto C9 in a reliable way? I’m currently trying to upload the images directly to C9 and link them that way. However I have been stuck for hours trying to link to the image.

See line 22. This displays an “image cannot be found” error.

I’ve also tried:

<img src="images/guy.jpeg" alt="">
<img src="/images/guy.jpeg" alt="">
<img src="./images/guy.jpeg" alt="">
<img src="../images/guy.jpeg" alt="">
<img src="views/images/guy.jpeg" alt="">
<img src="/views/images/guy.jpeg" alt="">

All without success. Please help. Thanks!


That is interesting. It could either mean the Working Directory of your script is in a weird place. Or that you did not give read permissions to that file or its directory. Try printing the Working Directory so you can see the reference point for the script.

Also for the listed examples I hope you had Guy and not guy.